so much for rally…..

The late day excitement so far not carrying through….CEFL turned down nicely, nat gas had nice move up yesterday only to give it back today, I assume with oil in the red and dollar rallying that
might put breaks on nat gas. wait and watch….

Bonds (TLT) are flashing a BUY signal had to believe but looks like rates want to go lower…
notice the blue circles, these are the BUY and SELL points for my trading strategy. Been on the money for a while and signaled Monday to get long with 4 of my 5 indicators giving the green light.


Unfortunately I am not long the TLT..I was going to take position in UBT but I have a large position in SO….if you compare the charts the utility sector been following the bonds so why not take the larger dividiend yeild of SO and ride the same wave.


So is how I like to play the dividend bond trade. You could use XLU if you didn’t want the single stock risk. I am greedy and want the extra 2% yield you get from SO. With both TLT and XLU signal of BUY if the trade works SO should follow. I added to the position in retirement accounts today.

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