Education Moment – The Breakout

Ok, I just posted a copy of my book on this, its free if you want to read it, and you will see lots of charts like this chart I am posting here. This is a classic Money Flow breakout. The 5 ema blast through the 20 sma, the TSI signals buy, MACD signals buy, ADX signals buy. The last 3 signals have been right on the money. I want to draw your attention Jan breakout. I bought call options on the SLV had biggest trade in years. Well over 500% return in few weeks. Will this new trade result in the same? NO clue…I just react I don’t predict neither should you…


P.S. See the note I made on the chart…this concept isn’t a hard and fast rule, more art then science you might say. Moving averages act like rubber bands and will pull price back to them.Take the easy money when you get it.

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