Exciting Day Playing out in the Markets

Ok, so looks like a boring day, but far from it! I mentioned last week about the UUP (bullish dollar fund )
that looks like it might be topping out. The TSI signaled first, then the ADX trend strenght turned down, then yesterday we got the DMI bearish crossover signal. The green light for me will be the 5ema/20sma crossover. 3 out of 4 of my check list say lower dollar. That said, its been really strong rally so I wouldn’t get to excited, likely profit takers. But just a pause could give us little room for precious metals (GLD,SLV) and even stocks to make a move higher. I am long UGLD 3x gold ETN long USLV 3x Silver, long CVX and SAND. All these trades need UUP to sell off or at least slow its bullish roll.

CEFL is setting up for a bullish buy signal. I doubt it will happen today, but its close and possible if get late day rally into the close. I will keep eye on it. I am 1/2 invest as we been on sell 1,000 shares long. Soon as I get the 3 of 4 bullish crossover I will put on the other 1000 shares. Today I received $340 dividend payment. Brings my total to $1.41 per share YTD. Just shy of $2,000 in total dividend payments YTD.

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