Fear of interest rate hike yet MO is moving up?

Normally the fear of a rate hike would cause a sell off in MO. Solid dividend stock that I have owned for many years, I love the chart set up…notice the circles to the right side of the chart? These are almost buy signals…usually this will take few days before you get the final crossovers of the indicators and the 5 ema / 20 sma. Look to the left hand side of the chart, similar set up…I like to wait for all signs to align. Looking very interesting….


As expected…

Yellen scares the market, tells me buy stocks. Federal reserve chairman are NEVER right, they never see the bubbles, so if she sees one there isn’t one. If u ever doubted markets are rigged u saw it today. She wants market to correct she talks it down. 2+2=4 govt controlled markets. 

Good news they can’t maintain control and thier always wrong, tells me more upside, remeber when she thought bio tech stocks were overpriced? She gave u a gift…. Now? I’m buying some TWTR here….it’s a gIft 

I’d mentioned few post back that CEFL averaged 20 trade days give or take per buy/sell signal. Day 20 TSI signaled sell, today will probably give us a sell half signal based on 5/20 mov avg cross. Ex div day is unfortunately Friday… What I hate to see is selling half position 1000 shares today only see big rally and missing out on qualifying for dividend of $.33 ($330) later this month for total of $660 with full 2000 shares. See how day plays out….

Cvx still looking good. I’ve been heavy in oil stocks like Sdrl, rig, cop, Cvx, Oih actually took profits in Oih last week.