Resistance how now become support?

Wow….talk about blasting through over head resistance…BOOM right through it and above the 50 day moving average. My original profit target was the 16.60 range….thinking price would stall at resistance…change of plans….Friday is ex-div day…so I am going to hold all my shares hoping to capture the $.24 on 2,000 shares… $480 coupon payment will be nice.

The indicators I use…MACD, TSI, RSI all have room before they become move into the over bought zone. These indicators work well as oscillators giving you hints when price as run to far to quick.

My key moving averages 5/20 are still below the 50 ma…that not good but moving quickly to cross it. I need the proper alignment of 5/20/50 to really get excited.

Long 2000 shares in $16.10 – $16.25 range.I am up $1,100 on share price ex-div day is 12/9/16


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