Crazy Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was little wild. Gold slaughtered. Some of the high yielder like utilities and telecom were beat up but have recovered nicely today. But for my purpose here, CEFL held up much better then I expected. Seems bullish to me. The moving averages are still moving in our bullish direction. 5 still above the 20 and the 20 ma is very close to closing the 50 ma. Price is printing below the 5 ma (not good) but bounced off the 20 and 50 ma today. Assuming that holds, that is a bullish sign. I am long 2000 shares at $16.00.  I qualified for $.24 x 2000 coupon payment on the 9th…$480 should be paid on 22nd of Dec. I am up $480 on the 2nd lot of 1,000 shares. So far so good….new target is $16.90 for 1/4 of the position.



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