Talk about boring!…..

This is the reason holidays stink!

If your like me and LOVE watching stocks go up and down…holidays stink! Does that make me a bad person?….maybe…..anyway….another day another $60 profit. I locked in $480 in profit in form of coupon payment for the month of December. That is money in my pocket. Not to shabby if I say so myself.

I am up $540 in price appreciation since adding the full 2000 share position in late November. If that isn’t EASY income I’m not sure what is….your job can’t be that easy? or is it? if so please let me in on it…my next target is $17 and then I will buy the beers…or new car…or maybe trip to Vegas…


Notice ATR is turning down….classic consolidation pattern….If you haven’t looked over Free copy of The Money Flow do it NOW!!!

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