Market Headed Higher?

Well we finally hit 20,000. It was just a matter of time. When ever a market hangs out in a price zone..expect the current trend to continue. The market often climbs a wall of worry…slow climb but takes the elevator down. You can lose months of profits in just a few days. This can play on your emotions if you don’t understand this is just the way the market works.

All my indicators are pointing higher. The only issue is RSI and the TSI/MACD are already in bullish/overbought zone. Feels like a 9th inning push. Notice the blue circles in the chart below. Yes, TSI and MACD are giving me a bullish crossover and yes, price has broken out of a resistance zone. That is all bullish. All I can do now is wait, watch and be ready to respond to what price tells me. Right now price says it wants to go higher. $$$$$$$$$$$$$


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