If You Love High Risk / High Reward….

The biggest risk of all to me is trying to avoid all risk. The key to me is to control the risk by limiting it’s worst case out come. If I am completely wrong and I eat it…..what is the worst possible outcome. Luckily for me in trading that is your money goes to $0.

Think about this…$0 is a controlled risk. There is a point the bleeding stops. Negative of $0 would be the riskiest of all trades in my opinion. So what juicy, risky, but oooo.. so rewarding trades do I like? Here is a list of couple of my favorite publicly traded products you can pick up with click of a mouse…

In the Mining Category:

JNUG – 3x Leveraged Junior Gold Mining Bull – This bad boy can move 20% + on a good day.

NUGT – 3x Leveraged Gold Miners Bull – Look the Other Way If Volatility Scares You

UGLD – 3x Long Gold ETN – Yea 300% the price movement of Gold….Gold!!!

USLV – 3x Long Silver ETN – Yea 300% the price movement of SILVER!!!!

There are inverse to each of the above but why?…..think positive go long!

You just need to know when to go long….that is the hard part….See my 100% return in 30 day post.



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