Gold & bonds?

Gold (GLD) and bonds (TLT) just keep hanging in while index continues to climb. I find that very interesting, if u don’t your missing the big picture. The spy now in 70+RSI zone…that’s overbought, means market going to pause to refresh or pull back here soon. Get shorting out your mind…if u even consider shorting this market u have screw loose or u just started trading. 

Don’t short bull markets!

TLT is your play of u want to protect yourself from a sell off. For a trade TMF 3x Bond ETN.

CEFL done nothing but slowly climb straight up since late November. 

Cha Ching!  

Been hell of a run since, collecting  3 dividends with full 2000 share position. Over $1000 in dividends that will be added to next buy signal to accumulate larger position. 

My goal here is larger and larger positions  until can reach the 5000 share level. 

Keep your eye on TLT and GLD

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