So far So good…The Money Flow

Here we go again….my buy signal confirmed yesterday is off to a great start. I am already up $200 profit on the 2nd lot of 1000 shares. 10 days till ex-div day so we got while yet before we can count the money. I am feeling pretty good about the system though. See chart below for a picture perfect Money Flow Trade. #trading #themoneyflow

*The system has returned over 50% in 12 months this includes $5,000 + in coupon payments.



Bull back?

I’ve been half position on S&p500. I don’t short I hedge buy dropping to 50% position when I get a sell signal. See my book “The Money Flow” on amazon. 

I use 5 indicators to decide buy or sell. I need 3 of 5 to initiate a trade. We currently have 2. Adx/dmi crossover and price breaking above the 20 ma. If your short is get concerned. Day still young…easy trades!

Buy Buy Buy…

Here I go again. Into yesterday close I purchased 500 shares because 3 of my 5 indicators signaled a buy. Today we have the crossover so I added the other 500 shares. The lone hold out for my indicators is the ADX/DMI. 4 out of 5 is close enough. I am now long 2000 shares of CEFL. Ex-div date should be 4/10/17. Fingers crossed. Noting to do now but wait and collect some income.


How to use The Money Flow System on IPO

Here a trick I have learned from FB. Let IPO happen then wait. Often price will get slammed like what just happened with SNAP. Since there is little daily data for a chart I drop down to 2 hr chart. See chart below of SNAP chat. I got long $20.50 today’s it’s $24. Soon we will have enough data to go to daily chart. 11% return in 3 days is always fun.

Does The Money Flow Trading System Work on Forex?

Younger people seem to be drawn to the forex market. Hard not to be, talk about making fast money. You could become rich really fast in the forex market. 

The problem is price cuts both ways. Unlike stocks and real estate forex isn’t forgiving of mistakes. It hard to just hold your position and over time work your way out. In forex you will bust out. 

I am long EUR/USD see chart below, I am up 300 pips in 10 trade days. My system trades forex just fine.