Feeling toppy

Jobs report this morning was solid 211,000. That good news. Far from 3-4% Trump team would like but it’s 200,000+ so it will get the job done.

High Yeild is rolling over. All indicators way overbought, RSI come down a little but still on high end. The descretionay trader in me screaming sell and lock in some great gains but … thems not the rules!

Price printing above 5 ema and 20 ma again this morning and the averages are properly aligned. I locked in some profit by selling 1/10th my position last week. 

The portfolio consist of CEFL 2000 shares MORL BDCL and SMHD. These my fourhorseman of income. Crazy maybe but it’s not the whole wad. I separate these from my long term blue chip and trade account. 

This is mechanical method of trading the highest leveraged products for the highest possible return in form of income possible. 

The goal is $2000 monthly income. To accomplish this I figure I need between 8000-10,000 shares of CEFL. That between $144,000 – $180,00 at today’s prices. I got long ways to go. Currently portfolio projected to earn $9800 yearly. This changes daily and monthly based on share count and coupon payment. 

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