15% Yeild Portfolio  

When ever I tell someone about my portfolio that yields 15% they either laugh, completely ignore me or lecture me on dangers of high Yeild. I can’t blame them. Owning a Seadrill at $40 it paying 7% Yeild watching it fall to $.50 can have that effect on you. 

About that seadrill I sold 1500 shares at $36 rode 300 to $11. The 1500 were in my trading account the 300 in my long term account. The point is I had a plan for the worst. I got the worst. I lost money and a lot of it. But I had $72,000 in shares when the great oil sell off started. My loss said and done was $12,000. 

Moral of story you got have a plan for the worst case situation visualize it in your mind see what it looks like. If that situation seems unlikely anytime soon then u might have opportunity worth taking risk on. 

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