O man…

So yesterday was gut wenching after getting long 3000 shares of CEFL on the break out to watch it sell off into ex div week next week. Because 5 Emma was above the 20 ma I did not sell 1/4 as I normally would. Also important to note the YYY (unleveraged) version of CEFL was still above the 20 ma. So really experience and weight of evidence I waited for today to confirm. 

Price is currently above 20 am hopefully holds steady into the close. Sucks to have market down turn into coupon payment of $.26 on 3000 shares this month. 

Income be $780 plus 

$.78 share on 1000 shares of BDCL

Plus  $.62 share on 300 shares of SMHD for $186.

Plus $.70 share on 570 shares of MORL $400.

Grand total of $2,145 in coupon payments on July 22nd. Assuming price holds up will be pretty profitable month.

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