No rate increase

Well Janet left rates unchanged. Market seem fine with that. I’m bored of the entire conversation. Who cares… unless u have a lot of debt does it matter? The people who are effected the most seem to care the least. 

CEFL – 17% continues to churn out cash. I am still on buy signal so holding full position. 

BDCL – 15% moving at snails pace but still on buy signal

MORL – 20% is on a sell signal so half position is prudent.

SHMD – 17% is newest 2x income fund it’s on sell signal. My position is small I am going to build it over time to 500 shares on sell and 1000 on buy. 

Current balance is $69,100 with annual income of $11,500 or 16.5% yield on the portfolio that’s appreciated 11.82% YTD 

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