How This Blog Makes Easy Money. And it can for you to…


Wanna make easy money every month like clock work? Pay day is 22nd each month.

2016 – over $7,000 in dividends collected on top of 35% price appreciation. 

How about creating yourself a labor free 2nd income stream? How does 1-3% a month sound?

Willing to take on some risk for chance at a huge return? O yea you could lose money without a doubt….no risk no reward!

If you answered yes, join me as I do just that!

My System takes very few trades (1-2 a month)…is always on the right side of the trend when it counts and collects income in the form of a coupon each month.

The method I am sharing here in this blog has earned me over $22,000 since 2014 risking not much more then that during that time. I expect to do much better then that in 2017. I will trade the system in live time and post here at the blog. I hope you will follow along, make comments as you see fit.

If your glass half empty type, a who always thinks the market gonna crash then you should buy bullets (even if your not you might want to just in case I am wrong). If your positive type, who thinks there might be easy way to make money in the market follow along!


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