Why trade high yeild?

Seems younger traders avoid income stocks and focus only on price appreciation. 

Bad move! 

Everyone needs income! I like to start with end in mind then work backwards. I need monthly cash flow. I love to trade. Why not trade products that produce both? Seems logical to me.

Here are couple Easy Income payments I’ve received in last 7 days. The size of these payments are determined by the number of shares you trade. Some people could easily 10x this or start 10x smaller and work up over time. The advantage to starting small is making mistakes with small sums of money.

Then as they become more experienced trader You can have more control your of your income and potential price appreciation.

That’s 47 hrs work at $10 hr job! Or 15 min a day. That’s the power of learning to trade.

Good luck!

Added to my Starbucks Position $SBUX

Not a high yielder but one I do trade around a growing core position. I’m not stock analyst, even though I play one on instagram @fullauto11 I’ve really been waiting on Starbucks to break out. 

I’m long around $54.30 range and adding to my position in this area. Price is printing above the 5 and 20 day moving averages. TSI, RSI and MACD are all bullish. I Plan is to sell a small number of shares at $57 zone. Looking for $2.25 profit.

Stop loss in $52.25 zone.

Lowered Leverage

Part of any good trading strategy includes risk control. I have gone back and forth on this and still not sure best use of leverage. CEFL is highly leveraged and carries with it its own proprietor risk because of how UBS achieves its 2x leverage goals. The YYY has risk as well. The closed end funds that make up the index take on risk as well to achieve the 8% yield. Risk is just part of this game.

I qualified on 8/28/17 for $.13 share dividend with YYY. After this dividend qualification I rolled out funds (few days later) into CEFL to capture its ex-dividend day on 9/12/17. Soon once I captured that dividend (again few days later) once price recovered from ex-dividend date drop I sold half my CEFL position to downsize my leverage risk and rolled those funds back into YYY to capture this upcoming ex-dividend on 28th of September.

It is important to understand my long term goal is to create a growing stream of income. I am using leverage to do this but I want to always beware that leverage cuts both ways. I would only roll funds into CEFL like I did when my trading strategy that I call The Money Flow is giving me a buy signal. That puts the wind at my back so to speak. Rising tides lift all boats.

As of this morning I am full long YYY and CEFL

Fully long BIZD and BDCL.

Current Expected Yearly Income: $7,927 or $660 a month. Long ways from my $2000 goal but getting closer each month.


#Gold Update

I’ve traded gold pretty spot on for about a year now using my 5/20 money flow system. It is signaling a sell signal as of today. I took profit last week following my system around $127 range. Maybe gold holds strong here and moves sideways…but my system says trend has turned bearish. I wouldn’t be looking to add to any gold positions here. See chart below: the BLUE circles are the turning points in the trend.