High Yeild -Income Streams

The primary income vehicle for this blog is CEFL. But CEFL is just one of many high Yeild income streams you can choose to invest in.

Coupon payments (income) collected since 2014 – exceeds $21,000. The goal is $2,000 monthly income or $24,000 yearly income.

CEFL – Etracs Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Closed-End Fund ETN Yeild 20%. 

BDCL – Etracs 2x Leveraged Business Development Company Index .Current Div Yield 17%.

MORL – Etracs Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN 20.11%



If your a wimp and want less risk: Other less leveraged options:

YYY – 

JNK – daily chart

BIZD – daily chart

MORL– weekly chart

MORT– weekly chart

SDIV – daily chart

DIV- daily chart




The Goal is $2,000 monthly income from coupon payments.


* If you thought (and I do) that interest rates and economic conditions will  remain relatively stable and thus CEFL would continue to yield 18.8% on a compounded basis, the return on a strategy of reinvesting all dividends combined with a trend following timing model would be enormous. An investment of $100,000 would be worth $236,305 in as few as five years. More interestingly, for those investing for future income, the income from the initial $100,000 would increase from the $18,800 initial annual rate to $44,425 annually.


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